Tóth Miroslav (bio_eng)

He composed of four opera pieces. From 2007 to 2010 he realized audiovisual conceptual project Frutti di mare in 11 parts with more than 65 instrumentalists. He is founder and artistic leader of improvisational symphony orchestra Musica falsa et ficta (from 2006) – currently, he works on project Next Variations for Goldberg. Recently, he prepared new record and performance with the group Dunkeltherapy II. He also performs in experimental music bands/projects: Shibuya Motors (with ddkern and Slávo Krekovič – CD: Shibuya Motors with ddkern, 2010 AtraktArt), My Live Evil (with Alexander Platzner duo), Michal Paľko & Miroslav Tóth duo (recorded first CD in May 2012, Krakow, Poland ) and free jazz trio Ensemble 56 with Rafal Mazur and Miecislaw Górka or Funeral Band in Budapest.

His pieces were presented at many concerts and festivals in Slovakia and abroad. As leader, he organizes music workshops and Composition Laboratory.

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