Vinohradská 12 v originále: Rushan Abbas on Uyghur women's bodies becoming the new battleground in China

Lenka Kabrhelová speaks with Rushan Abbas, director of US based Campaign for Uyghurs (CFU)


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17. 11. 2021 | Prague

Úterní epizoda v originálním znění: Up to three million Uyghurs have been held according to human rights organizations in the internment camps run by the Chinese government. Last week the conference in Prague heard witness accounts from former inmates of the so-called re-education camps. They describe incarceration, mistreatment, violence and hunger. As the next winter Olympic games hosted by Beijing draw closer, calls for international pressure are mounting. What exactly is happening in Xinjiang province? How does the Chinese government explain its policy towards the muslim minority? And why is the international community mostly silent?

Original music and sound design by Martin Hůla 

Edited by Barbora Sochorová

Researched by Dominika Kubištová

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