Vinohradská 12 v originále: More humane, yet dehumanised. Samuel Moyn on the paradox of the US war on terror

Lenka Kabrhelová speaks with Samuel Moyn, professor of law and history at Yale University


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11. 9. 2021 | Praha/New Haven

Páteční epizoda v originálním znění: As the United States marks 20 years since the attacks on New York and Washington on September 11 2001, there is a growing debate about lessons learned and the overall price of the war on terror. The global policy led American forces and their allies to conflicts in several countries, including Afghanistan and Iraq and cost hundreds of thousands civilian lives. Is the complete withdrawal from Afghanistan finally signalling the end of this era? Or has the rise of drones and other military technology bound us for endless war on terror?

Original music and sound design by Martin Hůla
Edited by Pavel Vondra
Researched by Ondřej Franta

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